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          Michael S. Neustel, a U.S. RegisteredPatent Attorney, founded the National Inventor FraudCenter, Inc. (NIFC) with the goal to provideinformation to consumers about invention promotion companies andhow people can market their ideas.  Many inventors do not realize thatsome invention marketing companies charge thousands of dollars,yet have success rates of 0.00%.  The goal of the NIFC isto educate and help inventors make the right decisions. The NIFC is owned by Neustel Law Offices, LTD.


          1. Don't Rush. Never"rush" into the invention process. Make sure to takeyour time before making important decisions that affect you andyour invention. Rarely are there situations where an inventorneeds to make a decision within a few days.
          2. Investigate. Thoroughlyinvestigate any invention promotion company BEFORE providingthem with your invention or money.  You can visit the FTCweb site (www.ftc.gov) tosearch for information about invention marketing companies.
          3. Education.Educate yourself about the invention process and inventionmarketing companies. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and theUnited States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) have severalinformative articles for inventors to read prior to starting theinvention process:
          4. "Objective" Evaluations. It isimportant to have an objective invention"marketability" evaluation performed by a third-party.If the company you are considering will not evaluate themarketability of your invention, then seek the assistance ofanother company which will (see the Good Guys).
          5. Inventors Groups. Itis very important to network with inventors in your area.Contact a local inventors group and attend a meeting beforegoing further with the invention process. Ask the experiencedinventors in the group for guidance and support. We have alisting of InventorsGroups for you to contact.


          It is unfortunate when an inventor paysthousands of dollars for services that have little value tothem.  If you desire to get your money back from aninvention marketing company, you should remain calm and follow astrict plan for getting your money back.  Expressinganger and frustration to the company usually will not help you. We have a SuggestedApproach for you to review that may help you in getting yourmoney back.

          Good Guys

          Some of the invention marketing companieslisted on the GoodGuyssection operate upon apercentage of the money the inventor receives from theirmarketing efforts.  Many of the Good Guyscharge fortheir services, but do not be discouraged solely by their fees. You should investigate any invention marketing company beforepaying money, even if they are listed as a Good Guy. It is also recommended that individuals join a LocalInventors Group.

          Finding Additional Information

          Information is a valuable tool for inventors during the invention process.  It is important for inventors not to rush into the invention process without performing thorough research.  Find additional information about Patent Applications, Federal TradeCommission, AttorneyGenerals, InventorGroups, the U.S. PatentOffice, and Internet search engines.

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          LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Thisweb site provides general information only, not legal advice. You shouldnot act upon this information without independent legal counsel.You must read and agree to the Termsof Service before viewing this web site. TheNIFC is not associated with any Federal or State government agency. If you have been harmed by an invention marketing company or patentattorney, you should immediately seek the legal assistance of a reputableattorney licensed in your state.  Michael S. Neustel is licensed topractice law only in North Dakota and in the United States Patent &Trademark Office.  Michael S. Neustel is the owner of Neustel Law Offices, LTD and Neustel Software, Inc.   Statements made in this web site are merelyopinions of the National Inventor Fraud Center, Inc. and should not beinterpreted as factual.  Neither Michael S. Neustel nor the NIFCmarket inventions, provide market analyses or provide marketabilityanalyses for inventors.  You are strongly encouraged to investigateany company or law firm you plan to work with and do not rely solely uponthis web site when selecting a company to work with. Only you candetermine if the companies listed on this web site are reputable or not.

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